Community Solar

Our world is embracing a more renewable future and New York is making it easier for businesses as well as residents to take a part in this initiative. There is no upfront cost, no termination fee if you choose to leave the solar farm and we can provide a guaranteed savings.

No solar will be placed on your property. Solar developers have already built or are about to complete construction on a solar farm within your utility area. Community solar allows you to buy power direct from this solar farm to support global renewable efforts while also promoting local solar power.

You will still get your normal utility bill. On the bottom of the bill will be a line item for solar credit reducing the total cost of your bill. The solar provider will then charge you for the solar credits they produced on your behalf but they guarantee they will charge you less than the total value of the solar credits. So for example, if you receive $100 in credit on your utility bill they will only charge you $90 and this is how they guarantee the savings.

We have vetted many solar providers and the ones we work with align with our values of putting clients first. They do this by guaranteeing savings, intend to own and operate the solar farms for the entire 25 year life of the project as opposed to selling off the farm. Also, on occasion, we have created initiatives to help local charities like food banks based on the surrounding community subscribing into solar farms.