Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement
Take control of your electricity and natural gas rates. We will protect you from the volatility of the markets. Market spikes have the potential to negate any savings received from a decrease of energy usage through efficiency upgrades.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades
We work with engineering firms and contractors to provide you upgrades that will save you money as well as enhance your business. We also can acquire financing for your project as well.

Community Solar
With our partners we can guarantee monthly savings by entering into a community solar farm located within New York State. Most of the time the farms will be local to you. No solar will be put on your roof or property. The majority of contracts we negotiate are cancel any time with no penalty.

Solar Development
Solar developers are looking to lease land from you to house their solar farms.

Economic Development
We can work with state agencies and programs to acquire funding when possible for your business.

Grant Writing
We can guide and aid with the grant writing process for various funding programs

Electric Car Charging Ports
We work with contractors to plan the installation of the electric car charging stations making sure to take advantage of all incentives to reduce the final cost to you

Municipal Street Lighting
In many instances the utility may own the street lights in your town. We can help with the buy back and upgrade process